About Ed

Ed wants to create something that you will brag about to your friends and relatives. He is not content on taking just a “snap shot”, he wants to take that image and go one step further if possible. What is one step further?? Will it could be a few moves in photoshop, it could be sitting in the middle of the road to get the right angle, or borrowing a gun from a neighbour to use as a prop! Maybe it’s looking “down” instead of looking “up”!?!?!? The end result will be something special and unique.
The Coolest kid at School
Ed has years of experience to draw on, portable gear to bring with him, and fun loving attitude that will make you relax in front of the camera. He’s even got a wife/assistant that helps him if the weather is nice! He might even be able to bring a make-up girl if she’s not busy with her boy-friend. He’ll do his best to have some cool music in the background as well, to make it even more enjoyable for you.
Ed Boulter is a Nova Scotian based photographer, who has a passion for capturing something beautiful. He can create an image that portrays a genuine moment, exciting event, fond memory or candid smile simply by taking an extra few minutes to stop and “find the beauty”. Often that beauty is right in front of us, but sometimes we are to busy to see it, but don’t worry, Ed will find it. His work has been┬áseen around the world, from the Shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland, the city of London in England, Australia, New Zealand, The United States and India to here in his beloved home country Canada.
So if you are looking for something beautiful, special and fun connect with Ed. Let him get your imagination going!